A Little History About Dice Or Craps

We are facing one of the oldest games that we have news of. Its origins are in the Middle Ages and it is known that in great moments in history such as the Crusades, soldiers played dice to escape. With the passage of time, the game gradually evolved until it became what we know today.

Another relevant moment in the evolution of this game occurred in the city of New Orleans. There, the system created by Bernardo de Marigny perfected the game because until then it was very easy to cheat the bank.

The game we know today as craps was consolidated until reaching our days. It was tremendously popular during the Second World War and today it is still one of the modalities with the most followers.

How to play craps

Many believe that it is a simple game, but in reality it is much more complex than it seems. This is so in good part because of the wide range of bets that the game allows in the same spin. The mechanics of craps consist of several rounds in which two dice are rolled and bets are made on the outcome of those rolls.

As you can see, playing is available to everyone, but the issue is complicated by its rules. The first thing to do is a bet called the pass line. Your goal will be to find a 7 on one of the dice or an 11 on the sum of the 2 to win. In the case of obtaining a 2, a 3 or the sum is 12, the bank is the one that wins. To continue, you must place the initial bet and start over.

Another type of bet is called the don’t pass bar and it is the opposite of what we have just seen. You lose on a 7 or a sum of 11. The player will win on a 2, a 3 or a 12.

Some strategies for craps

There are tricks of all kinds for the most varied players. Some of these strategies are very simple and ideal for those who do not have much experience. The martingale, known for its use in other casino games , is one of the most effective and is based on the theory of probability. In order for it to work, you must make an ante bet and double it indefinitely whenever you lose. When a victory comes, you must go back to the beginning of the process.

Whichever strategy you decide to use, it will be of enormous importance, above all, to limit your losses. Remember that nothing is infallible nor can it guarantee that you always win.

Another strategy for craps is the gambler’s fallacy. You will need to locate a number that has not yet appeared to bet on it. It is a much riskier method, but it is based on the patience you must have to wait for a specific number to appear.

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