Types of Bets In Roulette

The simplest bet is the single bet, where you simply pick a number and wait for luck to smile on you. Tip: If you win on your first single bet, grab your money and leave the table while ahead. Another quite popular option is “50-50” choosing red or black or even or odd. Although the payout is based on a 50-50 proposition where you can double your money or lose it on these bets; of course the casino will have an advantage and that is seen in the green 0 that flips the odds in favor of the house.

All available bets will be displayed on the roulette table below the live dealer camera, and you can move your bet to the appropriate section using the touch screen or mouse depending on your device. Aside from the simple bets mentioned above, there are what we call “inside bets” where specific groups of numbers are wagered. There are many of these to choose from and as you become more familiar with the game you will want to pick some of these more often, but beginners should stick with the more basic types of bets at first.

Roulette variations

When you log into your virtual live online casino Singapore you will come across different forms of roulette, so what exactly is the difference between them and which one should you choose? The three traditional types are American, French, and European.

The biggest difference between them is that American roulette has an extra double 0 segment. This effectively means that the house limit has doubled that of the 50-50 bets mentioned above and increases on all other bets. Luckily you are playing in an online casino and not in Las Vegas, so you can avoid these types of roulette to improve your chances of winning.

The difference between the European and French versions of the game is very slight, since in both the wheel is exactly the same. The main difference is that for red / black or odd / even bets, if the ball ends at 0 you will not lose your money in the French version. Depending on the particular rules of the casino, in a French game your money is either held for the next spin (called “in prison”) or half of your bet will be refunded. Statistically this means that when you have the option, you must choose the French version of the game.

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